Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Metallic Fever

No, it is not a complete repeat of the 80's. Yet, metallic makeup has made another comeback and some say they are better than ever!

While metallic makeups, such as bronze, copper, silver and gold, are not new to makeup manufacturers, many women are bit intimidated by the seemingly daring sparkle shining through the package.

Today's metallic look is a littler sheerer and blends a lot better than the 80s look. And yes, it isn't as flashy, either. It is being worn on the eye lids, cheeks and lips. You can also now wear them with an array of colors or in a subtle way.

If you're going to wear these shades in the day time, of course you need to apply them lightly, going for the barely there look. In the evening, add them on a little thicker and have more fun with them.

Not dare enough? Just splash a little bit of metallic on your fingernails. Nail polish sometimes is a safer alternative when it come to trends--agree?

Stylist: Nanda Djohan
Models: Dara Warganegara, Icha Nurbani
MUA: Ami (for Dara), Ridha (for Icha)
Photo: Dhanny Indrianto   

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