Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Boy Meets Girl

Androgyny has always been a source of interest and intrigue. But as society's boundaries have changed, so too have the masculine-feminine boundaries blurred. From ambiguous sexual and physical attributes to a focus on gender-crossing fashion, i look at the changing face of androgyny - and how women's fashion is taking a (touch of) masculine turn.

Stylist & Digital Imaging: Nanda Djohan
Model: Moudyzanya Zulka
MUA: Ariya Wibowo
Photo: Busur 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

High Voltage

Not for the faint of heart, the appeal behind the metallic fashion trend lies in mirror-like materials' ability to reflect light and put the limelight on curves..

Stylist: Nanda Djohan & Ade Pungky
Model: Clarissa
Photo: Jennifer Antoinette

Boots Mood

“I'll never wake up in a good mood again. I'm tired of these stinky boots”. ― Jim Morrison. That's why, people create boots to suit your mood :D

Stylist: Nanda Djohan & Fais Marshil
Model: Silvia Yunyka
MUA: Irene
Photo: Suryo Tanggono
Set: Nanda Djohan

The White Bride

White is the essence of beauty for the classic bride. As a bride, this is your once-in-a-lifetime, and you want THE wedding dress that lives up to all you've ever dreamed it would be!

Stylist: Nanda Djohan
Model: Silvia, Sharla
MUA: Ariya Wibowo
Photo: Busur
Location: Indochine Club 

Sheer Sensation

Sheer clothing: It's the trend that dared to bare and won.

In a short few years sheer clothing has transformed itself from a seasonal accent into an ever green fashion trend. Now chests are bared, shoulders highlighted and legs made to look longer. In fact, from the sexual to the subtle, sheer elements now can be found highlighting and accenting every desirable part of a woman’s figure...

Stylist: Nanda Djohan
Model: Yannie
MUA: Zuber
Photo: Tody Harianto
Location: Mensa 2 Roof top

Into The Blue

This is one of my fashion spread for Cita Cinta magazine, about 1 year ago. Intense blues make a serious splash for spring/summer 2011. From pastel blue, navy, to the darkest (with a splash of black) blue. Try to wear blues in a monochrome vision--I'm sure, all those blues look amazing on you!

Stylist: Nanda Djohan
Model: Moudyzanya Zulka
MUA: Ariya Wibowo
Photo: Priscillia 

Metallic Fever

No, it is not a complete repeat of the 80's. Yet, metallic makeup has made another comeback and some say they are better than ever!

While metallic makeups, such as bronze, copper, silver and gold, are not new to makeup manufacturers, many women are bit intimidated by the seemingly daring sparkle shining through the package.

Today's metallic look is a littler sheerer and blends a lot better than the 80s look. And yes, it isn't as flashy, either. It is being worn on the eye lids, cheeks and lips. You can also now wear them with an array of colors or in a subtle way.

If you're going to wear these shades in the day time, of course you need to apply them lightly, going for the barely there look. In the evening, add them on a little thicker and have more fun with them.

Not dare enough? Just splash a little bit of metallic on your fingernails. Nail polish sometimes is a safer alternative when it come to trends--agree?

Stylist: Nanda Djohan
Models: Dara Warganegara, Icha Nurbani
MUA: Ami (for Dara), Ridha (for Icha)
Photo: Dhanny Indrianto   

1 Shirtdress for 1 Week

Be creative! You can create lots of new style with only one basic shirt dress. Yes, only ONE. Here's the inspiration...

Stylist: Nanda Djohan
Model: Shreen
MUA: Ariya Wibowo
Photo: Priscillia

A Sweet Escape

Bored with bright and shocking colors? Choose pastel...

Stylist: Nanda Djohan
Model: Permita Gani
MUA: Tania Iskandar
Photo: Irvan Arryawan
Digital Imaging: Heri & Jennifer

Fashion Tips Article

I've wrote tons of articles about fashion and beauty for magazine for my (almost) entire life. This is one of them....

From The Runway...

Take a closer look. There's always inspirations that you can get from the catwalk or celebrities...

Writer: Nanda Djohan
Layout: Puti Indria

Blooming Season

This is one of my beauty article on Cita Cinta magazine... talks about makeup which is inspired by flowers. 

Flowers come in a plethora of shapes and colors. People can get lost in gardens, absorbing their beauties and becoming enveloped by the spectrum of colors.

This look can be fun for work, play, or even a modern spin on party. Top the look with flowers in the hair for a more zesty effect.

Stylist: Nanda Djohan
Models: Jesyca Parera, Tatjana Saphira
MUA: Ariya Wibowo (for Jesyca), Tania Ledezma (for Tatjana)
Photo: Harry Hikmatulah

Officialy Stylish!

From office wear to daily and party wear...

Si formal rok pensil bisa tampil sophisticated dengan paduan shiny top dan aksesori--ready to party!   

Padukan vest simpel dengan body-con dress dan bold accessories--superb!

Yuk, ajak kemeja kerja kita 'liburan'. Kenakan sebagai luaran dan padukan dengan busana kasual favorit!

Gulung pantalon dan jodohkan dengan fringe top--pas untuk pencinta gaya edgy! 

Published on Cita Cinta Magazine
Stylist: Nanda Djohan
Model: Sheila Mahdali
MUA: Fitri Kadarisman
Photo: Suryo Tanggono